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Book a romantic getaway to New York City

Fall in love again with each other when you book the ideal apartment for your romantic getaway in New York City

Romantic breaks – New York

New York City is a perfect destination for couple for a romantic getaway.  With its delicious restaurants with food from all over the world, exhilarating views, romantic cruises, inspiring museums - this city has tons of attractions to choose from. Feel like you and your partner have just stepped into a movie or the set of FRIENDS when you book a romantic getaway to New York through Casamundo. The apartments and holiday homes offered to you should ensure that you have an unforgettable and romantic stay in New York whilst in the privacy of your own space.

One of the most romantic things that you can do with your partner is to walk around a park, just talking and enjoying each other’s company. If you book a romantic getaway to New York, then you will be able to walk through Central Park and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens! You could even cycle with your partner through the parks instead!

Enjoy the sights and tastes of NYC with your best friend

Shopping is world famous and you don’t want to miss out when you and your loved one visit New York. Some of the best jewellery shops are based in New York, such as Tiffany’s, and the Soho shopping centre is also a great place to go. When you go shopping, you need to do it in an American fashion, the bigger the better!
Some romantic ideas for you and your partner could have already guessed, such as going up the Empire State building and looking at the view. This is well known because it is truly worth it! Looking at the view of New York City with your beloved could not be a more romantic setting. Some more sophisticated activities could be visiting Dizzy’s Jazz Club in the evening whilst sipping on your favourite drink. Another fantastic romantic opportunity in this city is to take a boat trip at sunset across to the statue of liberty.


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